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Check out our stunning collection of wallpapers and wall murals that can accent any space. A custom wall mural can add a unique touch to your home or décor. To start, simply browse our catalog or upload your own image. Then, all you need to do is follow our step-by-step guide to customize your mural, crop it to the desired size and add visual effects. Once it’s done, your mural will be printed on an auto-adhesive for an easy, water-free installation.

Wall murals are digitally printed on vinyl self-adhesive. They are easy to install on any flat surface including walls and furniture and have 5 years + durability. The best part is that they are 100% removable and won’t leave any residue behind.

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    How to get your print installed professionally?

    For customers that live in the Vancouver lower Mainland, we will gladly deliver and install your sign / mural. DPI has a dedicated team of experienced installers in-house who can be on-site to perform in-store or event installations.

    Whether you need one wall graphic installed in a remote location or have multiples locations that require sign installation, you can count on our services. Contact us for more information on installing your next project.

    Want to do it yourself?

    Before installing, first dust off your wall/surface with a dry cloth, without using any cleaning product that could decrease adhesion. If you just painted your wall, refer to the paint manufacturer to know the drying time and conditions before installing your mural.

    How to Install a Wall Mural?

    Layout of your mural

    Unroll the vinyl graphics and separate the tiles. Arrange in the hanging order on the floor. Each tile is numbered on the bottom left for easy arranging.

    IMPORTANT: Lay out panels to check that images match before installation. If you notice any inconsistencies within the print, please do not install.

    Overlap the wallpaper

    When hanging multiple tiles, your mural is printed with 10 mm overlap. Visually match the image at the join and smooth out. Adjust the position until the pattern completely matches.

    Hang the first panel

    Ensure the first panel is straight. This is very important for successful installation of your mural. Carefully smooth away any bubbles or ripples using a soft brush or squeegee.

    IMPORTANT: Do not pull or stretch the material during installation. Work from the top and allow the
    panels to fall freely to avoid scratches.

    Repeat until finished

    Continue the previous stages of each tile until all panels are installed. Trim away any excess vinyl using a sharp straight edge blade.

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